Ford McGuire News November 2016

Sunday 29th January Tom Paine memorial lunch 12.30 for 1 pm start at Faruzes (Lower Ground floor Fairfax House, Merrion Street Leeds LS2 8JU. The meal will cost £17 and you have to book in advance. So please email Garth Frankland

Our provisional programme for the beginning of next year.

  • · February - Janet Douglas on Leeds and the 1855 Women’s Suffrage Petition
  • ·

  • March - David Beeston (Uni of York) on the anti-Semitic race riots in Leeds 1917
  • ·

  • April - Malcolm Chase (Uni of Leeds) on the Yorkshire rebellion of 1820
  • ·

  • May - Daniel Evans (Uni of Leeds) - The May Days in Spain 1937
  • ·

  • Plus a major event commemorating the June 1917 Labour and Socialist convention in Leeds which we are hoping will take the form of a one day conference at the Swarthmore.

We have not given up in having a talk on Peter Sedgewick to be followed by one on John Archer. Miguel is also examining our website so as to completely revamp it.

Wednesday 7 December 6pm Victoria Hotel next Ford McGuire Committee open to all.

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