BPM Bike Lab


BPM Bike Lab has hit the city center of Leeds and opened its doors. The boutique gym boasts state of the art technology with the absolute top of the range indoor cycling bikes! BPM offers members a focused dedicated training routine setting personal targets to burn fat most effectively, allowing an attainment of fitness to reach a whole new level. Located just under Leeds train station, The Lab will shortly also offer other health related services through Physio, Zen and Slim Lab, due to launch in the very near future.

BPM Bike Lab evolved from Spinback Fitness, originally formed in China by Jen (spin addict) and Jon Robinson (Sport’s Scientist). They have rewritten the indoor spin and cycling experience by creating a fun, focused and energetic atmosphere, which is certainly addictive and effective for training and keeping fit. Whether members want to burn fat on the Schwinn bikes, increase their fitness levels on the Cyclops Phantom 5, improve their cycling technique & determine how much power they can sustain on the Watt Bikes through FTP Testing, there are a lot of member benefits which start from just £20 month per month! As BPM’s in-house Sports Scientist, Jon also helps members alleviate back and back pain associated with prolonged sitting at computers through the semi launch of Physio Lab, which adds to The Lab’s uniqueness in the fitness industry.

Jen and Jon were the first in Asia to open up a dedicated Indoor Cycling studio and became winners of ‘Best Gym in Shanghai’ in 2014 by TimeOut. With Jen’s addiction to indoor cycling and Jon’s strong Physiology background of over 20 years, they aim to also be the Best Gym in Leeds. For further information go to our website

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