Calypso Dance Class

Are you ready for some more HAPPY HAPPY information?

To help celebrate Leeds 50th Carnival Anniversary.
I will be doing a Calypso dance class.
Studio at St Aidan’s Church, Harehills, Leeds, West Yorkshire, Elford Place LS8 5QD
This is for 12 weeks, starting Wednesday 7th June 2017 till Wednesday 23rd August 2017.
This cost for this class is wait for it, wait for it, wait for it:

 FREE FREE FREE, yes you heard right it’s:
If you love to hear good happy carnival music, if you love carnival movement/dance styles and want to be fit and more confident and get “Ready for the Road” then get yourselves to these sessions. 

If you love the whole positive carnival energy then put this in your calendars, it’s going to be one exciting, slamming, hot class for sure.
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