Keep our NHS Public. Vote NHS

Nationally and locally Left Unity is fully behind Corbytn’s election campaign. It represents a significant advance on on the last few elections.

Leeds Left Unity at out last meeting has decided to help distribute Leeds Keep our NHS public cards calling for a vote for the NHS.

Some of us are going to Wetherby this Saturday (27th May). We are meeting at 11 am at the Wetherby bus station. I am abler to give lifts from Leeds at 10.30. We are looking at a couple of hours of leafleting.

Wetherby is part of the Elmet constituency which was Labour until the last election. Although a Tory stronghold we think voters might want to reflect on the impact of a Tory government might mean for the NHS.

Please try to join us. There will also be further leafleting sessions on Wednesday and Thursday ((31st May, 1st June) during the day next week.

Please try to come and let me know if you want a lift.

Our next regular meeting will be on Monday 19th June ,7 pm at Inkwell Potternewton Lane.

Garth Frankland
0797 1933 512

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