Left Unity in Leeds

Our next planning meeting will be on Monday 17 July 7 pm Inkwell, Potternewton Lane. Please try to come along to help us plan our Autumn programme.

We are a small group but will continue to generate discussion, debate and support campaigns. We are excited by the prospect of a massive shift to the left in ideas- want a Corbyn led Labour Government- but we also want so much more.

Our work alongside the European Left fits perfectly with many who want Corbyn in Downing Street but are angered by a ‘hard Brexit’ and appalled by the treatment of migrant workers and massive increase in bigotry and nationalism.

Future meeting ideas- University and Autumn

We discussed a series of meeting titles and are planning guest speakers. Freshers’ events 18th September to the 25th September. These meetings will be held mainly near the Universities if people agree. Here are some ideas- please let me know your thoughts- Meetings from 15th September onwards to early December.

A joint mtg- Democracy in Europe, Left Unity. What does Brexit mean for You? (Panel- discussion) invite Labour etc.
Health and safety. What are the impact of the Tory attacks on the HSE for trade unionists and tenants? (Miguel)
Trident/ Nato- militarism. (Kate Hudson?)
Brexit and Northern Ireland (Joe Healey?)
Environment (Fracking?) Joint AGS/Green party? Brian Parkin?
Women- abortion- Reclaim the Night anniversary 12th November 1977 in Leeds? (Louise/Felicity? Other campaigners?)
The Far Right in Europe-and European Left response. (Neil Faulkner?)
LGBT+ (Clause 28 Nov 1987 Introduced)- Campaigning today- End of November.

Debate, news and theory

We are keen for people to contribute to the National Website.

This could be in the form of local news- a report and a picture: a local strike, campaign protest, story of interest. Or you may wish to write a longer article or may encourage a guest article on a subject that is of general political interest. Interviews, guest articles are all welcome.

Members of Left Unity are working alongside others to launch a theoretical journal of the radical left linked to the European Left Party called Transform.( https://www.prruk.org/product/ transform-a-journal-of-the- radical-left/) If you wish to contribute or know others who may wish to contribute please let Garth and I know.
Transform – A Journal of the Radical Left – prruk.org
Since the near-collapse of the global financial system in 2008, capitalism has plunged deeper and deeper into crisis. Governments have pursued austerity policies …


We will continue to support work in Anti Cuts and anti-privatisation, pro equality.

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