Maya Angelou Poem

An African American Author and one of the greatest poets too,
Can you imagine for just one minute, all the things that she went through?

Expressing herself through powerful words,
Her legacy will live on; her voice will be forever heard.
What a poetry icon, genius too,
Powerful words with meanings so true,
So extraordinary in so many ways,
Positive lyrics filled up every single page.

A writer, a story teller, one of the very Best,
The caged bird sings,
Was what she had truthfully confessed.
A teacher, an artist, an educator and an activist,
And a doctor, definitely the best I must insist.

An outstanding Poetry queen, the best the world has ever seen.
A true inspiration of words and loved where ever she went,
Humble, courageous; most definitely God sent,
She said ‘love Life in every single way.

Give it all you’ve got, come what may.
Love it with a passion,
Life does truly give back
Whatever you put in, that’s a natural fact.
Reaching out to people in dark places,
Giving them hope by putting smiles on faces.
Be positive and focused,
That’s the only way to win.

Grab the World by its lapels, it’s not frightening.
Go out there and kick ass,
Life is too short, to let it pass.
Outstanding phrases, amazing quotes,
A sense of reality on a positive note.

Lyrics so real, they make you think out loud,
A phenomenal woman of whom I’m so proud.
Simply unique, like a guiding star,
Words of wisdom, never too far.
The caged bird spreads its wings,
As it’s surrounded by heavenly doves,
the song of tolerance, peace and sweet, sweet love.

It’s singing about patience and forgiveness,
Words so bold beyond belief,
Bringing troubled soul’s freedom and relief.
Can you hear it singing that freedom song?

Rest in peace my dear, your time has come.
Love and light, goodnight, goodnight,
May her legacy live on.

Copyright © P Jones

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