The Gateway Project

We are a registered charity based in Leeds and our mission is to support and empower communities, individuals, and groups who might be socially excluded and living in poverty. We do this through supervision, rehabilitation, counselling, skills training and confidence building. We work in partnership with other service providers and provide signposting and referral services. We also support communities with food parcels, activities for youths and young people, mental health support and for substance misuse.
We do run a project in Leeds called The GATEWAY PROJECT which supports people who have been through the criminal justice system and are looking for work or training. People in such circumstances will find it very challenging to get back into work. We provide bespoke skills training based on the needs assessment of our beneficiaries and refer them to our partner organization who then place them into work regardless of their criminal conviction. We provide travel and lunch expenses and short term training costs.
The project is funded by the European Social Fund until July 2021.
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