The worldwide Refugee Week 20th June 2016

The worldwide Refugee Week will be taking place this month, with a focus on World Refugee Day on the 20 June.

Across the UK, Refugee Week sees a nationwide programme of arts, cultural and educational events that celebrate the contribution of refugees to the UK, and encourages a better understanding between communities.

In Leeds, Nola Ellen, offers refugee awareness sessions to school children, parents and staff, as part of her commitment to raising awareness about the experiences of refugee children and families, to promote welcome, equality and inclusion in Leeds.

Leeds has a proud and long history of welcoming people seeking safety and that once people know the facts about refugees they are often very compassionate and want to do what they can to help.

Since 2002, Nola has pursued her passion for youth and community work with a particular focus on working with children from refugee and other
minority ethnic backgrounds. She has over 15 years experience promoting child voice and children’s rights through her roles with local and national grassroots organisations through to working with the world’s largest children’s charity.

Nola is busy delivering a range of workshops across Leeds. Her audiences include; children in school and youth settings, parents, teachers and
other professionals, community groups and volunteers. She is exceptionally enthusiastic and would love to widen her reach even further!

Nola is an experienced and insightful educator. She draws on her 14 years of direct practice working with young refugees to inform her audience about the facts. She tells stories of refugee children, some good, some heart breaking, to build compassion and empathy. Her sessions feature children's voices on; why they came to the UK, what the journey was like and how life in the UK has been.

Participants leave her sessions feeling better informed, with their eyes, hearts and minds opened, and feeling inspired to do their part in ensuring Leeds is a child friendly city and a welcoming and safe place for ALL children.

"Nola has the ability to encourage participation from her audience through her dynamic and thoughtful presentations. Her workshops are highly informed, sensitive and engaging; they have the ability to help children and adults alike to gain a better understanding into the many issues impacting refugee and asylum seeking children. Nola's deep knowledge of the relevant issues, combined with her experiences working with migrant children and storytelling talents can offer a valuable and educative experience for all participants.” Melanie Hadida; Development Worker - Leeds Schools of Sanctuary

For more information and to book a workshop or presentation please contact Nola at 07904 587713

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