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Based in the Chapeltown area of Leeds in the West Yorkshire District of Northern England, Community Highlights is a quarterly newsletter promoting positive news, success stories, awards, talent, role models, local businesses, and charities with the next edition out in July 2017 followed by the August Carnival issue.

Patricia Jones

The Community Highlights Coordinator is Patricia Jones who started out as an unknown writer in the community, yearning for a door to open for her. “I thought back to my school days and my favourite subject has always been English. My teacher said to me you have a good imagination, and in my English class I would sometimes even do my friend’s homework, such as stories and written ideas.

“I grew up in Chapeltown and became increasingly aware of negative images which were constantly portrayed through the media and local newspapers. This brought me to realise that an outlet to combat such unbalanced images was greatly needed within the community. I set about the task of collecting honest, unbiased news, a task that took me to numerous places, such as schools, clubs, churches, businesses and various organisations.

As a result of hands-on knowledge I was able to produce the first issue of my newsletter – Community Highlights. That first issue had a far greater appeal than was anticipated, and this prompted the release of the second and third issues. Following the release of the first issue I received several letters from members of the community and surrounding areas, invitations to meetings, conferences and open days. This brought me greater recognition and contacts to such an extent that other editors of magazines, libraries, radio stations and television companies have become interested.

The community has now benefited in a number of ways through the newsletter, including community projects, job and career opportunities, volunteering projects, and training facilities.”

We are always looking for: Local Talent, New Businesses, Positive News, Success Stories and Local Heroes. So if you want to have your say, know a community hero that you would like to see featured, if you would like to advertise your business or event, free consultations and quotes are provided then please contact us

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