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Rainbow Over Chapeltown Community Highlights

Rainbow Over Chapeltown Community Highlights Leeds







Community Highlights Leeds


  1. Racquel

    Rasta is no play thing and Ini don’t appreciate the mis representation of haile sellassie 1 would love to do a presentation on that topic various great reading material on H.I.M such as the autobiography of his majesty and must read

    H.R.H Menen should equally be acknowledge black women need to wake up ….know thy self …I want to be involve already reading researching and studying on my own would be most appreciative to join in a community setting peace love and light

  2. Racquel

    Guys someone please contact me asap I’m a new convert to follow hails sellassie 1 and his teachings and it’s my intention to learn and teach the same

  3. Andrew Turton

    I have just had published by The History Press, a book entitled: Horse-drawn transport in Leeds: William Turton, corn merchant and tramway entrepreneur. It is 320 pages and has over 120 illustrations.

    William Turton (my great, great grandfather), ran the horse trams of Leeds 1872-1895. He built Hayfield House in 1869/70 on Chapeltown Road. His family lived in it for 50 years before it became The Hayfield Hotel, which was demolished in 2002.
    Would you accept a longer version of this story? If so how many words? Any illustrations?

    I also have a separate, unpublished, chapter on the rise and fall of ‘The Hayfield’ which Leeds readers might find readable. I would not offer it except in a addition to the book story.

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