British Sandwich Week: The Nations Favourite Revealed

With British Sandwich Week in full swing, and demand for ‘sandwiches’ spiking 49% over the past year, HelloFresh have ranked the most popular sarnies in the UK.

Based on search interest, Instagram posts and views on Tik Tok, the meal box delivery experts have concluded that Britain’s favourite is the classic chicken sandwich with over 2 billion hits! Further findings include:

Brits continue to enjoy a meaty sandwich, with 65% of the top 20 sandwiches being meat-based.

The breakfast sandwich staple is the second most popular sandwich, with over 135 million hits when searched online.

Millenial’s love of all things avocado (19th) has nothing on great British staples such as egg (3rd), ham (4th) or cheese (5th) with the popular classics remaining firm favourites.

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