Duara “A Healing Circle” for Women living in LS7/LS8 and surrounding areas.

An amazing New group “Duara”

...Swahili for Circle" launched 24th February 2017- and then shall be every Third Friday of the month with the view to start local social community action positive activities for women in LS7/LS8 areas and those surrounding.

This is an independent group in partnership in my role as a community health volunteer champion as part of the connect well initiative on behalf of Leeds Reginald Centre and Joe Kiff is my mentor and leader of the programme.

This is a grass-roots initiative set up by local women and for local women with the view to empower them through their life discources and active health promotion within an international perspective thus using a localised and globalised perspective of women's rights, equality, empowerment and leadership.

This is so far a self funded aka through the women themselves as identified as a positive activity.

Location: Reginald Joint Services Centre (Chapletown Road)

Initiative: Community Health Initiative – Connect Well.



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