Free Movement – Workers Rights – The Europe We Want To See!

Left Unity Leeds hosts meeting with German Left MP on Brexit 23rd March 6.30pm , The Tetley Leeds

Free Movement- Workers’ Rights- the Europe We Want to See! Meet the European Left Party

The Triggering of Article 50 will question the status of EU workers in the UK and abroad is at stake and the Tory Government is determined to have a ‘Hard Brexit’ and has rejected any amendments offering social protection or guaranteeing the rights of EU workers and residents in the UK.

The negotiations will be complex and far reaching and could impact on employment, pensions, right to residency and reduce our ability to sustain public services.

Come to this event and meet with representatives of the European Left Party (ELP).

Speakers: Waltraud Fritz is a member of the European Left Party Executive Board. She is a political activist from Austria with a strong record of international solidarity and action.

Heinz Bierbaum is a member a German Saarland MP, leading member of Die Linke, the German left party. He is an active trade unionist and an elected member of the Saarland regional parliament where he is Die Linke’s economic policy spokesperson.

The ELP is made up of over forty organisations in countries across Europe and is keen to defend Free Movement and Workers Rights across Europe- to defend the right of UK workers to live, work in the EU.

The European Parliamentary group the GUE/NGL (The Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left) has 52 MEP’s in the European Parliament.

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