Leeds Left Unity Monday 15th October 7pm Inkwell, Potternewton Lane

The next Left Unity meeting is at Inkwell this Monday 15th October 7 pm. Our focus will be on where we think Left Unity should be going.

There has been a leftward shift in the Labour Party but as an organisation we have decided to continue in an independent manner and as a link into the Party of the European Left.

The meeting will be an opportunity to informally discuss a range of issues and challenges for LU in Leeds and nationally.

– How can we continue to intervene in social and political issues locally?

– What kinds of events and activities can we organise?

– How should we relate to the Labour Party? If we are not to stand in elections should we remain outside and if so how do we present ourselves?

– If not then is dual membership a future possibility worth arguing for in LU?

– How can we develop broader cultural activities and spaces for radical
learning both in real and virtual spaces?

– How can we build on Transform our journal?

The meeting aims to reflect on where we are, what we can do as a network and collective, and what debates we want to relay through our local representatives to the leadership. Part of the problems we have faced is the radical shift in the Labour Party, which is welcome, but we could do with a collective reflection on some of the issues raised above in an open manner.

Please come along and join in the discussion.

Garth Frankland
0797 1933 512

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