Long Term Conditions Insight

I am getting in touch as part of the Leeds City Council Public Health team as we are keen to gather insight into the experience of people living with long term conditions (LTCs) during Covid-19. This is part of a wider work stream being led by Dr Bryan Power (LTC Clinical Lead) to look at the impact of Covid-19 on planned and unplanned care, with the goal of making recommendations to Health Gold. We know that many people in Leeds are living with a long term condition, including diabetes, heart attacks, angina, asthma, stroke, chronic kidney disease, dementia, mental health conditions, frailty, COPD, cancer, etc.

As part of gathering this insight I would be very grateful for your support and if you could ask between 3 – 5 people living with long term conditions the attached questions. This can be done as part of the phone calls / contact you are already having with people (we wouldn’t expect you to make additional calls). Once you have spoken to people could you please send me the key themes from your conversations. Please do not send any person identifiable data.

In addition, I would be grateful if you were able to share some of the insight you have gathered through your work around these topics:

1.      The direct impact on people living with LTCs during Covid-19

2.      The wider impact on people living with LTCs of the Covid-19 lockdown

3.      Any changes that could be made to improve people’s experiences

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me robina.ahmed@leeds.gov.uk

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