New Cloud-Based Start-up Puts Charities And Non-Profits In The Frame

Monday 27th November 2017 – ‘Compliance Compendium’ provides regulatory products to hard-working philanthropic businesses.

A new start-up is set to redefine the way small businesses, charities and non-profits meet the demands of UK & EU regulations – by providing their products at cost to charities and non-profits in the UK to meet most of their key obligations.

With the aim of providing a cloud-based platform suited to the compliance-heavy needs of this sector, Compliance Compendium connects companies low on resources but high on regulation with products which suit their unique needs – and help them build stronger and more secure businesses.

With a keen understanding of the compliance space, Compliance Compendium supports the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR – EU) and the updated United Kingdom Data Protection Act whilst maintaining ease of use every step of the way.

“We want to help organisations that try and make the UK a better place, by providing them world-class technology solutions at an affordable price” says Jonathan Jacob, Compliance Compendium’s Director of Products.

The key features of the Compliance Compendium platform include:

  • Consent management
  • Data process management
  • Subject access Request management
  • DPIA/PIA assessment
  • UK DPA & EU GDPR awareness/training
  • Readiness & Accountability Assessment Management
  • Breach & Investigation Management
  • DPO as a service

“These solutions will allow organisations to not only meet their regulatory requirements, but instil trust in their customers – knowing their personal information is safely stored to the highest security standard available,” says Gareth Gadd, Non-Executive Director at Compliance Compendium.

Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Compliance Compendium counts a number of experienced professionals among their workforce, who have already helped deliver multi-million-pound technical and business programs for small and large organisations around the globe.

Compliance Compendium is currently in the process of strengthening its partnership program both domestically and across the globe, whilst simultaneously using social investment and crowdfunding as tools to expand further. With the intent and capabilities to help smaller enterprises at a fraction of the cost, the future looks bright for this ambitious start-up.

Find out more about the company at the official website
Telephone: +44 (0) 113 318 9421

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