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The University of Leeds Launches New Positive Impact Partners (PIP) Programme

Get involved with the PIP programme today to build capacity and encourage positive social change!

Together, the University and the Region’s vibrant, active Third Sector create a collective of amazing and committed people, with skills and knowledge to share and build on. PIP provides the opportunity for these people to come together and bring about positive social change.

The PIP programme works by creating partnerships between University staff and Third Sector Organisations. These partnerships then develop mutually beneficial goals and objectives to address specific challenges for both organisations and individuals. These objectives can be as wide ranging as the individuals and organisations taking part. Some examples or areas of work could include; taking a fresh look at an existing project or way of working, creating new project ideas with shared benefits, or developing professional skills and knowledge in an innovative way.

We’re not starting from scratch here – the programme has been running since 2015 (under the name of Community Mentoring) with some inspiring outcomes and valuable experiences both for individual participants and their organisations.
Eleanor Rowley, Team Leader at IntoUniversity Leeds South, an educational charity that aims to raise the aspirations of young people says: “It’s a fantastic way to build your team’s confidence and utilise the broad expertise and knowledge within the University. The scheme has greatly supported our relationship with the University; we have more contacts and are in touch with lots of different groups which has really benefited the work we do. It’s also given us time to reflect on our own work with those outside the organisation.” Into University staff worked with their University partners to give an outside perspective on existing projects and help develop their professional skills in key business operation areas.

We are now expanding the PIP programme and recruiting new partners from across the Third Sector and state schools. You can sign up to attend a workshop or register to take part in the scheme here. The deadline for this round of applications is Monday 10th July. If you have any questions about PIP contact Amanda Jackson on 0113 343 4073 or

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