The 7 Don’t Do’s For A Training Provider

Everywhere you look you will find advice and opinion on how to run training courses, what to do and how to do it. Some of the advice is good, some less so. But nowhere will you find a list of things to NOT do based on hard won experience.

The CPD Standards Office has decades of experience working with training providers, helping them to get their training fit for CPD accreditation. And we’ve seen a lot of the same mistakes made over and over again.

So here are the 7 Things A Training Provider Should Never Do.

Since we wrote this article last year, there have been over 70 further suggestions added to it by members of this community many of which add new “Don’t dos” to the list.  So even if you have seen this before, please take another look and read through the comments – as ever, not all agree with each other!

I trust that you will find these tips useful and if you want help getting your training accredited for CPD purposes, please do get in touch – call us on 0207 183 1813.

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