Unity Does Matter (UDM) – Let’s Talk Covid 19

Honouring The Feminine Energies In Our Village | Future UDM Events

UDM knows that it takes a village to raise our children, it also takes the village to support and love each other so we can move forward.  Today we wish to honour all the feminine energies in our village who love and support each and everyone, you are appreciated.

UDM are sharing some events that we have coming up which may be of interest to you. There’s an opportunity to have in person Covid 19 Conversations to build resilience in the community for adults, this is part of our CV19 Conversations in Chapeltown project. All events are bookable on Eventbrite: Unity Does MAATer Events   but you also have to register via Zoom to attend. 
The young people events are to follow shortly!
Peace, love and light.
Consciously yours,
UDM Committee
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