Youth funding approved in Gipton and Harehills

Leeds City Council has made £310,000 available to support work in local communities targeted at young people who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET).

Targeted primarily at supporting vulnerable groups and young people who have been NEET for 3 months or longer, the Leeds Youth Pathways projects aim to engage young people to focus on progression into employment, education or training. In Gipton and Harehills, the Real Chance Pathways Project delivered by CFYDC will see a roll on, roll off programme delivered for two cohorts of 20 young people throughout the year. This will include intensive and on-going one-to-one support and the development of an individual action plan based around the aspirations of the young person.

Ward councillors Arif Hussain, Salma Arif and Kamila Maqsood have welcomed the Real Chance Pathways Project, and expressed their commitment to improving outcomes for young people in their local communities.

Councillor Arif Hussain (Labour, Gipton and Harehills) said:

“I am delighted to welcome the Real Chance Pathways Project to Gipton and Harehills. My ward colleagues and I are dedicated to ensuring all young people in our communities are engaging positively with education, employment and training. This project will undoubtedly improve the readiness of our young people to capably enter the world of work.”

Councillor Salma Arif (Labour, Gipton and Harehills) said:

“This project will provide our young people with a realistic view of the world of work and their career options, whilst giving them responsibility for their own learning and development. With a willingness to learn and develop, as well as a positive attitude to their futures, I am confident the project will be a great success.”

Councillor Kamila Maqsood (Labour, Gipton and Harehills) said:

“What is key for me is the development of resilience, confidence and independence in both life and work. As my colleagues have said, it is a top priority for us to engage with the young people in our ward, and help them on a positive journey towards sustained education, employment or training.”

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