Clean Leeds workshop 23rd February 2017

A clean start to 2017 – hold the date 23/2/17

We can all make a #GBSpringClean difference! Help us #CleanLeeds on 23/2/17

Want a tidier neighbourhood? We can do it together #CleanLeeds – join us on 23/2/17 #GBSpringClean

The streets have no shame! Join us as we work out the best ways to have a #GBSpringClean #CleanLeeds

Let’s make sure 2017 isn’t rubbish! Join us on 23/2/17 to build a #CleanLeeds #GBSpringClean

Want to keep Leeds tidy? Good ideas to share? Come along and help develop #CleanLeeds

Less litter, fly tipping, graffiti and more – help us do more for #CleanLeeds on 23/2/17 #GBSpringClean

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