October Hull Talent Show 2018 – To Win £500 Cash Prize

We are pleased to announce that this year Hull Talent Show 2018 is now
open for application. You may download the form online or find attached,
further details can be found here:
Hull indeed have got talents ranging from under 10 years old and over,
this show is open to all age group with the aim of inspiring young and
emerging artists; provide a platform for kids and young people to showcase
their talents before audience promoting confidence and self-believe.
Its amazing, an under 10 year old kids emerge second in 2017 show; Visit
our website for 2017 show.
Creative Vibez Studio:
We are helping young people with free studio access to make their own music or learn.
Click Here;
Kindly share this opportunity and do not hesitate to contact us if you
require further information.
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